The Ultimate Guide to RFID Integration

Your 5 Step Plan to Create, Implement, and Deploy the RFID System of Your Park’s Dreams

The Ultimate Guide to RIFD Integration

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is completely reshaping the way amusement and waterparks operate.  As guests have come to expect additional conveniences and better service, parks are trying to find new ways to boost revenue and streamline operations. RFID is here to deliver!

RFID redefines the guest experience through automation and simplification of your park’s manual procedures.

Ready to learn more?  Lucky for you we have everything you need to know in The Ultimate Guide to RFID Integration.

What’s in the Guide:

  • How Does RFID Work?
  • What Are PDC Smart® Bands?
  • Your 5 Step plan:
    • STEP 1: Identify the Right RFID Applications
    • STEP 2: Select Your RFID Partner
    • STEP 3: Define Your Budget & Timeline
    • STEP 4: Select the Right RFID Credentials
    • STEP 5: Create a Roll-out Plan
  • Why Partner With PDC?
  • PDC’s Integrated Services Offering

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