Social Media Integration

Each Social Media Interaction Can Result in Up To 1,000 Virtual Page Impressions- Increasing Brand Exposure and Maximizing Your Advertising Dollars!

Bridge the gap between the physical and social media worlds in real-time by linking guests’ PDC Smart® Wristbands to their social media profiles.  Guests can “check-in” at your facility or new attraction, post a park branded message or photo to Twitter or Facebook, and much  more from anywhere inside your park.

Key Benefits

Boost Your Brand

By sharing their experiences through social media profiles, your guests significantly increase your brand exposure outside your park while providing viral marketing opportunities

Elevate the Guest Experience

When guests link their social media profile to their Smart Band®; RFID social sharing applications allow your guests to share their experiences in real-time with their online friends.  Photos, likes, or check-ins can be posted immediately to their wall.

Increase Revenue & Profits

Social media applications provides an additional media outlet  for sponsorship opportunities with local business partners and brands that will help your park  generate additional revenue

Instant Data & Analytics

Gather real-time data on your guests and demographic information.  Detailed data reports let you measure exactly where and how far your message is spreading