Season Pass, Loyalty & VIP Programs

It is 8-10X’s more Profitable to Retain a Customer Than to Acquire a New One

Keep your VIP guests happy and improve retention and loyalty with customized season pass programs. PDC’s Smart® RFID wristbands are a safe, secure solution that allows season pass holders to carry account balances between visits, accumulate loyalty points, and redeem instant coupons—all while integrating with your park’s selected RFID applications.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenue & Profits

Loyal customers buy more and pay more, are cheaper to serve, and refer other customers.  RFID Season Pass, Customer Loyalty & VIP Programs will help your park deliver a superb guest experience to keep them coming back.

Elevate the Guest Experience

Allow guests to carry an account balance between visits, accumulate loyalty points, provide customized messages and coupons, provide cross-sell and up-sell offers that result in increased park spending

Reduce Costs

Retaining happy customer’s costs up to 6 times less and is 8-10X’s more profitable than acquiring a new customer.

Instant Data & Analytics

Delivers access to real-time data and reports from customers & purchasing channels to identify at-risk customers based on behavioral activity and in-activity