Cashless Point-of-Sale

Cashless Payment Options Increase Consumer Spending by 15-30% on Average*

Long-gone are the days of searching for an ATM or holding onto credit or debit cards to make purchases. PDC Smart Band® RFID wristbands provide the ultimate convenience of cashless payments by transforming every guest’s wrist into a secure wallet.

PDC partners with today’s leading point of sale providers to enable turn-key, secure cashless payment transactions throughout your park .  In fact, modern point-of-sale systems can be easily integrated with an RFID reader with minimal investment.  The benefits far outweigh the investment!

*Based on the “PayPass Adoption Study” in 2012

Key Benefits:

Increase Revenue & Profits

Increase park revenue by providing cashless spending opportunities at food and beverage outlets, gift shops, vending machines, business service centers, and more!

Streamline Operations

Transactions using RFID cashless payments are extremely quick and easy, taking about half the time compared to using credit cards or cash.

Elevate the Guest Experience

With quicker processes come faster purchases, shorter guest lines, and more satisfied customers.  Less time waiting in line means guests now spend more time enjoying your parks amenities.

Reduce Costs

RFID payment options also provide significant cost savings from minimizing shrinkage, and eliminating cash transportation, security, and reconciliation expenses.