Automated Entrance Turnstiles

Eliminate Fraud & Achieve up to 50% Faster Throughput vs. Manual Ticket Scanning

From single-day visits to season pass guests, PDC Smart® wristbands and RFID turnstiles provide faster access to the park while reducing the need for manual labor.  The power of RFID also provides real-time park access data and monitoring.

Key Benefits:

Increase Revenue & Profits

Since PDC Smart® wristbands contain a unique chip identifier, they’re impossible to duplicate- making them the ultimate anti-counterfeit ticket. The secure closure of PDC’s single-use wristbands also eliminates the possibility of pass-backs.

Elevate the Guest Experience

Up to 50% quicker ticket validation drastically reduces entrance lines for faster access to the park.  Guests can spend more time enjoying your parks amenities and gift shops!

Elevate the Guest Experience

Faster, more efficient entrance turnstiles means fewer and number of stewards needed at park entrance locations.

Instant Data & Analytics

The power of RFID enables turnstiles allows the park to track and gather real-time access data