RFID Products

Readers & Hardware4

PDC offers a full line of RFID hardware that maximizes the performance of your system. From the latest revolution in cashless payment technology, to an assortment of handheld and stationary RFID readers, PDC has the RFID hardware to handle your specific application.

PDC Smart® Kiosks2

The ultimate self-service platforms enable patrons to purchase admissions, concessions, rental items, or re-load funds to their wristband quickly.

PDC Smart® RFID Cards & Keyfobs2

PDC Smart® Cards & Keyfobs are the perfect complement to RFID wristband applications. Issue to staff for time-keeping and access control or guests for customer loyalty, gift card, and VIP programs

PDC Smart® RFID Badges & Lanyards3

PDC Smart® Badges and Lanyards are the perfect complement to RFID wristband applications and can be issued to staff members for employee management, timekeeping, and increased security.

PDC Smart® RFID Wristbands9

PDC Smart® wristbands contain a securely sealed HF RFID tag, which is programmed with a unique alpha-numeric code. When scanned by an RFID reader, a low-power radio wave activates the chip to securely collect and transfer data. PDC Smart® wristbands replaces traditional forms of identification and access credentials including keys, badges, and door cards that can de-magnitize, or don’t mix well with water.