PDC Smart® RFID Badges & Lanyards

PDC Smart® Badges and Lanyards are the perfect complement to RFID wristband applications and can be issued to staff members for employee management, timekeeping, and increased security.

Additional Lanyard Options

Additional lanyard options sold separately. Use for staff badges, or customize and sell in your gift shop for additional revenue opportunities.

PDC Smart® Badge With Pouch & Lanyard

PDC Smart® Badges with Pouch and Lanyard can be used for staff access control and time-keeping, special events & VIP access. PVC pouch protects badge for long-term use. Attaches to custom full-color lanyard for maximum branding.

PDC Smart® Badge & Lanyard

PDC Smart® Badge and Lanyard can be issued for staff access control and time keeping, special events & VIP access. Badge connects directly to cord lanyard.