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60 Years of Service

PDC was founded in 1956 by Dr. Walter W. Mosher, a 22-year-old engineering student at UCLA, along with three investors. The company developed what was then a revolutionary innovation—a single-piece patient wristband: no parts and no tools necessary.

Excited and motivated by the quick success of the wristband, the partners scraped together $2,000 and called the venture Precision Dynamics Corp. While the name initially signified nothing in particular, “it worked nicely to get people to extend credit,” said Dr. Mosher.

In the early days, a series of low-rent storefronts in Burbank, CA represented the company’s operations. By the 1970s, PDC needed cash to grow so the founding shareholders sold the business to a division of W.R. Grace & Co.

By July 1981, Dr. Mosher and his childhood friend, Robert Kramer, bought PDC back from W.R. Grace in a leveraged buyout and soon moved to a 57,000-square-foot facility in San Fernando, CA. Thus began the company incarnation as a private firm, innovating identification solutions for multiple markets including healthcare, patron management, and law enforcement in over 100 countries worldwide.

15 Years Innovating RFID Wristband Systems

Combining radio frequency identification (RFID) with a wristband, PDC creates the first PDC SmartBand® RFID wristband system in 2000. Smart Band® is quickly put the test by the U.S. Navy to help identify and track the wounded in the Gulf War, SXSW Music festival, Water World, and PDC’s first of eight Great Wolf Lodge properties.

It didn’t take long for the leisure and entertainment industry to recognize the benefits that RFID has to offer for customer satisfaction, efficiencies, and profits. Over the last decade, leading amusement parks, water parks, resorts, and music festivals across the globe have redefined the guest experience while  profiting through increased purchases and enhanced efficiencies with PDC’s Smart Band® RFID systems.

With over a decade of experience, PDC has built a diverse, reliable partner network with the nation’s leading RFID equipment, hardware and software suppliers. These relationships allow us to develop and properly implement customized solutions to meet any facilities application requirements.

Over 100 Patents (and Counting)

PDC has over 100 patents including a variety of “firsts” that have re-shaped the way patients, patrons, and prisoners are identified. Major innovation milestones include:


The First Single-Piece Patient ID Wristband is Created

The First Single-Piece Patient ID Wristband is Created


Visa Band® (VIP Band®) is Introduced for Patron ID

Visa Band® (VIP Band®) is Introduced for Patron ID


Inmate Identification Begins with Clincher® Wristbands

Inmate Identification Begins with Clincher® Wristbands


The First Bar Code Wristband System

The First Bar Code Wristband System


The First Mother/Infant Wristband System

The First Mother/Infant Wristband System


The First Smart Band® RFID Wristband

The First Smart Band® RFID Wristband


AgeBandTM Age Identification & Verification Wristband System

AgeBandTM Age Identification & Verification Wristband System


The First PDC Smart® RFID Kiosk System

The First PDC Smart® RFID Kiosk System


DR1000 Dual RFID & Bar Code Reader

DR1000 Dual RFID & Bar Code Reader

Mission Statement

PDC connects people, products, and technologies through innovative ID solutions that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide.

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