Keyless Doors & Lockers

Create a Secure, Keyless Environment Throughout Your Park

PDC Smart® Wristbands increase security and guest convenience as they multi-task as the main access device for lockers, hotel rooms, VIP Areas, more!

Key Benefits:

Enhance Security

RFID access control applications are an extremely reliable solution.  Guest and employee access can be customized with unique access control assignments- including hotel rooms, lockers, VIP areas- including different levels, days, and hours of access granted per guest.

Elevate the Guest Experience

Since RFID wristbands keep securely on the wrist, guests can enjoy your parks amenities without having to worry about forgetting or misplacing their key.

Reduce Costs

Reduce time and money spent replacing lost or demagnetized keys and cards.  Unlike common magnetic stripe card door locks that collect dirt, RFID is a contact less interface which does not require regular maintenance, saving your staff time.

Instant Data & Analytics

Real-time data and reporting capabilities allow park management to track and monitor park access points.